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Are you looking for Oil & Oil Filter Change for your vehicle?

A routine engine oil and oil filter change are crucial to a regular vehicular maintenance regime. If you are looking for a trusted service station for that, consider Solent MOT Centre Ltd. as a viable option. We are constantly monitored by the Good Garage Scheme and provide a 6-month guarantee for all our work.

Importance of an oil and filter change

Engine oil ensures the smooth and safe running of all internal functions of an engine. It eliminates friction, thereby protecting the various moving vehicular components and prolonging their life and efficiency.

Over an extended period, infiltration of several contaminants like grit, dirt and residue from burnt fuel takes place. These elements polluting the oil can significantly impact vehicle performance. The tiny dirt particles in the oil lead to wearing out of the vehicular parts and reduce their lifespan.

So opt for oil and oil filter change Southampton from our professional facility to add years to your car engine life.

Tell-tale signs indicating the need for an oil change

  • Exhaust emitting black smoke
  • The oil warning light is on
  • Vehicle juddering when idle
  • Engine oil has turned dark in colour and appears coarse
  • Increased engine noise

What will you get when you come to us for an oil and filter change?

During oil and filter change Southampton at our service station, our technicians will:

  • Drain the engine oil
  • Replace the sump plug washer
  • Refill the oil according to the manufacturer's recommendation
  • Replace the oil filter with a genuine spare

It helps keep the engine performing appropriately and protects the engine oil from contaminants which accumulate over time.

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