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Are you looking for Air Conditioning for your vehicle?

The car air-conditioning system does much more than just maintain a comfortable temperature in the car cabin. It regulates the cabin humidity level, controls air circulation and prevents the accumulation of dirt and mould inside your car. Therefore you must get an air condition system check Southampton from a reliable garage.

For professional car air-conditioning services at affordable rates, consider Solent MOT Centre Ltd.

Signs of car air-con system issues

Some signs indicate a failing air-conditioning system. They are:

Foul smell in the car cabin

Due to increased water condensation, the moisture in the cabin increases, leading to mould and bacteria. This condition results in a foul smell and can cause potential health hazards. Opt for a professional air-conditioning service from us.

Diminished fuel efficiency

If you notice that the vehicle’s fuel efficiency has diminished, it may be an issue with the air-conditioning system. Get the air-con checked to rectify any underlying issues.

Reduced cooling efficiency

Is your car AC taking time to cool the cabin? It is a sign that its compressor is malfunctioning. It may also be due to low refrigerant levels.

Condensation on windscreen and windows

When the components of an air-conditioning system start malfunctioning, it becomes incapable of adjusting the humidity levels inside the car cabin. As a result, there is condensation on the windscreen, windows and other surfaces.

If you notice these signs, you can come to Solent MOT Centre Ltd for an air conditioner service Southampton. Delay in addressing these problems will only increase the damage to the AC parts and lead to increased bills for repair/replacement services down the line.

How do we conduct an AC service?

Our experts will check the following AC components:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Receiver/Dryer or Accumulator
  • Evaporator and more

These are the main parts of an air-conditioning system our technicians will thoroughly check to find out the source of the problem. Based on the assessment, we will provide air conditioning replacement Southampton using O.E-grade spares.

We will also check the refrigerant level of your vehicle and top it up to manufacturer recommended levels.

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