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Are you looking for Clutch Repair for your vehicle?

Issues in the car's clutch assembly can severely affect the gears and impact the accelerating capabilities of your vehicle. Hence, car owners must opt for a detailed clutch inspection at regular intervals.

At Solent MOT Centre Ltd., our experts specialise in precisely inspecting the clutch assembly. We stock cutting-edge tools and use them to offer comprehensive clutch service Southampton.

What more?

All our services are available at affordable rates.

Symptoms of a damaged clutch

Are you wondering when to visit us for a clutch inspection Southampton?

Look for the symptoms as mentioned below:

The smell of burning rubber

Due to overheating, the clutch plate can wear out, resulting in the smell of burning rubber. It usually happens when you often drive through slow-moving traffics. If you find this symptom, visit us for a check.

Clutch slippage

Clutch slippage occurs due to damaged linkages, pressure plates or a broken motor mount. It is one of the primary signs of clutch failure.

Stuttering clutch

If the clutch pedal fails to return to the original position after disengagement, it might indicate a faulty binding of the linkage bearing.

Vibrations in the clutch pedal

Odd vibrations in the clutch pedal indicate a malfunctioning clutch caused by a compromised disc grip on the flywheel. Make sure to visit us for a thorough inspection on noticing such symptoms to get optimal driving safety.

So, contact us today for prompt and professional clutch servicing on noticing such symptoms. Delaying clutch servicing will result in hefty repair bills and compromise vehicle acceleration and on-road safety.

Why choose us?

Are you searching for clutch repair Southampton?

Visit our facility for professional clutch-related services. Some of the benefits you can expect are:

Thorough inspection

Our experienced technicians conduct a careful inspection of clutch components like:

  • Discs
  • Cables
  • Pressure plates
  • Clutch plate
  • Fork
  • Flywheel
  • Pilot bearing and more

After a comprehensive check, they will detect the underlying issues and offer reliable solutions.

Replacement options

Generally, it is not safe to repair damaged clutch components. In that case, you can opt for prompt clutch replacement Southampton. We use OE-grade spares to conduct replacement and ensure maximum safety.

Impressive, isn’t it?

So, quit searching for ‘clutch repair services near me’ and visit us at 3A Northbrook Industrial Estate, Hollybrook Road, Southampton, SO16 6PB.

Alternatively, call us on 02380 783403 and get a quote.