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Are you looking for Hybrid Car Service for your vehicle?

The servicing of hybrid cars is similar to a vehicle having an internal combustion engine. However, the frequency of servicing will depend on the vehicle model and your driving style.

If you are looking for a reliable service station offering hybrid car service Southampton, consider Solent MOT Centre Ltd.

We have a dynamic team of technicians adept at conducting servicing of different vehicular makes. Notably, we are constantly monitored by the Good Garage Scheme and provide a guarantee of 6 months for all our work.

Solent MOT Centre Ltd. is now online. You can book an appointment for hybrid car servicing right from the comfort of your home through this website.

Maintenance checks necessary for a hybrid car

The maintenance checks necessary for a hybrid vehicle are similar to that of a conventional internal combustion engine automobile. It includes periodically checking the basics:

  • Inspecting and adjusting tyre pressure
  • Checking the operation of exterior lights
  • Ensuring that levels of fluid-like screenwash, brake fluid and coolant level are correct

Besides these, we also look into the following areas:

  • Suspension and steering components
  • Condition and operation of windscreen wipers or washers
  • Spare wheel/mobility kit
  • Bodywork
  • Braking components
  • Vehicles underside
  • The charging point

Also, we replace the air cabin filter to ensure that interior air pollutants stay at a minimum level. In addition, our technicians report on inverter coolant health and measure potential compensation and insulation resistance.

Why choose the hybrid car service at Solent MOT Centre Ltd.?

Electric and hybrid vehicles come with considerably higher voltages of up to 650 volts compared to 12 volts in engine-powered automobiles. So, conducting the correct repairs and procedures is of utmost importance. Also, one must undertake a lot of safety precautions while working with high voltage systems in hybrid cars.

Our technicians undergo extensive training that includes IMI accreditation to level 4. It makes them completely capable of accurately and safely servicing hybrid vehicles to the same standards, just as a primary dealer does.

So, what are you waiting for?

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