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Hankook is among the top 10 tyre manufacturing companies worldwide, producing tyres for passenger vehicles, SUVs, vans, trucks, motorsports, etc.

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You can buy Hankook tyres Southampton from our website using the online car tyre finder tool.

We house tyres from the following variants:


In this category, the Ventus Prime3 is a favourite among our clients. This tyre uses a high grip silica compound that provides improved dry/wet traction and lower rolling resistance. It has an equilibrium rayon carcass line that provides enhanced sidewall stiffness and increased durability.


Made for passenger vehicles, the Winter i*cept RS3 features a V-shaped semi groove design that improves lateral grip while cornering on snowy roads. Thanks to the anti-aquaplaning pattern, winter tyre provides reliable performance on wet roads. Its high-strength steel belt wire increases tread stiffness and maintain vehicle stability.


The multi-directional grooves and sipes of the Dynapro AT2 provide excellent traction all year round. Its step block edge technology reduces noise and provides a comfortable driving experience. It has extra biting edges that ensure enhanced performance in dry, wet and snowy conditions. This tyre has a unique tread pattern that gives an excellent balance between on-road traction and off-road stability.


The Hankook Ventus S1 evo 2 has high stiffness bead filler that offers optimal handling and steering response. The equilibrium rayon carcass line provides enhanced sidewall stiffness and durability. It uses a high grip silica compound that provides improved dry and wet traction, and the unique tread pattern speeds up water drainage and dissipates heat faster at high speeds.

Apart from the above variants, we also stock 4x4 and UHP tyres.

For more information on Hankook tyres Southampton, call us on 02380 783403.

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