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Are you looking for Welding for your vehicle?

Are you noticing cracks on your car’s chassis, silencer, steering, panel or other components?

If yes, you should get those repaired from a trusted garage offering a professional car welding service.

We at Solent MOT Centre Ltd. offer professional car welding services Southampton at budget-friendly rates. Our mighty team of technicians uses best-in-class equipment to weld the damaged components of a vehicle.

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Why opt for car welding services?

There can be minor cracks on your car’s chassis, silencer, panel, etc., due to a collision or other reasons. Though initially, it may appear as a minor issue, such cracks can grow over a period with the accumulation of rust. It can jeopardise the vehicle’s structural integrity.

Opting for a comprehensive automotive welding service Southampton is an ideal approach to avoid such consequences. The welding process involves using heat to sculpt the damaged materials and fuse them.

Techniques we employ

At Solent MOT Centre Ltd., our technicians follow these two welding techniques to join the cracks of a vehicle:

Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG Welding

Essentially, Tungsten Inert Gas welding is a technique that generates efficient welds using a non-consumable tungsten electrode. TIG welding does not need any additional substance during the entire procedure and provides precise and clean welds. This technique can weld non-ferrous metals like magnesium, aluminium, nickel, copper, etc.

Metal Inert Gas or MIG Welding

Metal Inert Gas welding is another widely used and efficient technique using inert gases like argon and carbon dioxide. The consumable wire it uses acts as the filler material and electrode. MIG welding is a faster procedure than TIG welding.

Besides these, we conduct additional checks to ensure long-term safety and durability.

Looks interesting?

Reach us at the earliest instead of looking for ‘welding services near me’.

We are at 3A Northbrook Industrial Estate, Hollybrook Road, Southampton SO16 6PB. For more information, you can talk to our experts on 02380 783403.