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Are you looking for Car Tyres Southampton for your vehicle?

Do you want to purchase car tyres Southampton?

Then, look no further than Solent MOT Centre Ltd.!

We are a reliable vehicle workshop retailing a range of car tyres for every major make and model. Our inventory consists of variants under premium, mid-range and budget price segments.

Further, we host a team of in-house tyre experts who will assist you in making an informed decision. They also ensure quality by conducting thorough checks on every model before showcasing them for sale.

Tyre brands we sell

We retail several tyre variants from reputed international brands like:

  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Pirelli
  • Goodyear
  • Hankook
  • Dunlop
  • Nexen
  • Churchill
  • Uniroyal and more

Categories of car tyres at our facility

Now, you can buy cheap tyres Southampton from the following top variants:

Summer tyres

The hard rubber compound in the summer tyres decreases heat build-up while driving on heated tracks. Resultantly, this reduces tread wear and tyre blowout risks. Moreover, thanks to their shallow tread depth and unique tread pattern, these tyres offer maximum tyre-to-road contact enhancing traction on dry and wet roads.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres come with silica-infused soft rubber compounds. They have an innovative carcass material that prevents the tyres from becoming stiff when the temperatures fall substantially. Hence, one can expect exceptional car handling and control on icy tracks with winter car tyres. Additionally, such tyres feature deeper treads and high sipe density facilitating biting grip and unmatched aquaplaning resistance on snow-covered roads.

All-season tyres

These feature an all-adaptive specialised rubber compound and moderate tread depth. All-season variants also have an optimised sipe design that enhances car control throughout the year. However, these tyres are ideal for driving during moderate temperature conditions.

4x4 tyres

Specially designed for SUVs, 4x4 tyres have robust construction and reinforced sidewalls that improve vehicle control on rough terrains. They also feature an aggressive tread structure that helps carry the weight of your car’s chassis and enhances traction and grip. Furthermore, you will find all three types of 4x4 variants in our stock. They are:

  • Highway Terrain
  • All-terrain
  • Mud Terrain

Performance tyres

Are you an owner of a sports car?

If yes, then performance tyres are an ideal choice for you. These models come engineered with premium carcass material that reduces tread wear and tear. Further, their low aspect ratio offers excellent cornering precision and stability at high speeds.


These tyres allow you to continue driving for certain miles within a specific speed limit, even after a puncture. They come with additional rubber layers or rings embedded in the sidewalls. Because of this, you can drive with a flat tyre without compromising driving stability and safety. Thus, installing RFTs can eliminate the need for immediate tyre replacements.

So, stop searching for ‘car tyres Southampton’ and call us on 02380 783403.

If you want to explore our collection, drive to our facility at 3A Northbrook Industrial Estate, Hollybrook Road, Southampton SO16 6PB.