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Are you looking for MOT IV for your vehicle?

Is your car’s MOT due?

You can reach Solent MOT Centre Ltd.

We are a DVSA-certified workshop conducting MOT tests for class 4 vehicles. You can find us at 3A Northbrook Industrial Estate, Hollybrook Road, Southampton SO16 6PB.

The team of professionals at our service centre has experience inspecting your car components per the DVSA guidelines, following the standard practices while conducting MOT Southampton.

Importance of MOT

MOT is a mandatory annual assessment for most vehicles in the UK that helps assess a vehicle’s roadworthiness. According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), once a car turns three years old, it should get an annual MOT check to remain road-legal.

On passing the MOT, your vehicle gets a VT20 certificate valid for a year; else, it receives a VT30. However, with VT30, your car can re-appear for a partial retest within ten working days after the necessary post-MOT repairs.

What are Class 4 vehicles?

The following comprise the Class 4 vehicles:

  • Quads (maximum unladen weight is 400 kg)
  • Goods vehicles (having a design gross weight of up to 3,000 kg)
  • Taxis and ambulances
  • Cars featuring up to 8 passenger seats
  • 3-wheeled vehicles that have an unladen weight of over 450 kg
  • Dual-purpose vehicles
  • Public service and private hire vehicles (that consist of up to 8 seats)

How do we conduct MOT Class 4?

Our facility inspects a list of the following car components during MOT check:

Exhaust system

According to the DVSA guidelines, any vehicle running on UK roads should have a functional exhaust system. It is mandatory to ensure the exhaust emission level is not beyond the acceptable limit.


A malfunctioning brake system can affect your on-road safety. We will inspect this component closely to ensure it is functionally optimally.

Wiper blades

Clear visibility is crucial for driving safety. The wiper blades clean the windscreen and enhance your road visibility. We will inspect the functioning of the wiper blades to assess their efficiency.

We will also check:

  • Tyres and wheels
  • Windscreen
  • Horn
  • Steering and suspension
  • Seats
  • Doors
  • Seatbelts
  • Mirrors
  • Lights and many more.

What are the issues detected in MOT?

After thoroughly assessing the car components, we provide VT20 and VT30 certificates. The VT20 certificate ensures your car has passed its test and can ply on the road, while the VT30 indicates the vehicle has failed its MOT. Following are the three types of issues listed in the VT30 certificate:


The Dangerous defects will lead to MOT failure, and you need to get these repaired so the car can pass the test.


Major issues also result in failed MOT and need immediate fixing at a professional facility.


The minor issues do not affect MOT test results. However, fix these soon to save hefty expenses later.

Get all defects resolved from us and opt for a free partial retest. However, it is only valid for ten working days from the MOT test.

You can book an MOT test appointment online too!

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