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Pirelli Tyres

Based in Milan, Italy, Pirelli is a multinational tyre manufacturing company producing premium products for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, motorsports, etc. If you are looking for Pirelli tyres Southampton, come to Solent MOT Centre Ltd. We will take care of all your tyre-related needs.

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Our tyre collection

We house Pirelli tyres across multiple categories and sizes. The variants are:


Summer tyres use a hard rubber compound. They are ideal for use when the temperature is above 7 degrees Celsius. Our top pick for this category is the CINTURATO P1™ VERDE. Its hybrid materials and unique tread pattern provide a safe and stable driving experience in dry and wet conditions.


These tyres use a soft rubber compound, making them suitable for tracks when the temperatures are below 7 degrees Celsius. For this category, we recommend WINTER SOTTOZERO™ 3. Its directional double arrows pattern provides a robust grip on snowy roads. The high sipe density of this tyre offers excellent aquaplaning resistance in winter road conditions.


All-season tyres are a great alternative to installing seasonal tyres each year. The CINTURATO™ ALL SEASON has a directional tread pattern which enables outstanding wet handling and braking performance. Its silica tread compound results in fuel efficiency and improved safety on wet roads.

We also house:

  • Performance Tyres (P ZERO™)

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