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Incorrect tyre size can severely affect your car handling performance, jeopardising your on-road safety. So, knowing the right tyre for your vehicle is crucial before making a tyre purchase.

At Solent MOT Centre Ltd., you will find a massive inventory of tyres Southampton available in various sizes. We host a team of tyre experts who can explain the tyre size in jargon-free language. Tyre size is essentially an alpha-numeric code. However, understanding the tyre size might be a bit confusing.

You can refer to the following section for reference:

Let us say you buy a tyre whose size is 205/55/R16 91H.

Here is an explanation of its various components:

205 - This is the tyre width expressed in millimetres.

55 - The aspect ratio is 55. An aspect ratio is the profile height of the tyre expressed as a percentage of its width.

R - This letter represents the tyre construction. It has radial construction.

16 - The rim diameter of this model is 16 inches.

91 - It denotes the load-bearing capacity of a tyre. The given model has a load index of 91, which means it can take a maximum load of 615 kg.

H - The maximum speed a tyre can sustain is its speed rating. This speed rating ranges from A1 and Y.

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